Establishment of Public Transportation

There are many ways how we can make our life comfortable. It is no longer hard to travel to a distant place because of the establishment of public transportation. Public transportation is very important for all people who have no cars since it is impossible for all people in a nation to possess cars. There is no more space for cars.

This is why, it is more important to establish public transportation than buying many cars. Public Transportation is being operated by many people around the world. Public transportation in many different countries in the world. PT includes buses, trains, jeepneys, aircraft, ship and transit or any vehicle that carries many people.

Public Transportation may be applied to the government but it will be owned by different people. So in an area, it is possible that there are many owners of different bus lines and air line.

In a public transportation, buses can accommodate more than 50 passengers on seat. However, in some countries, buses are always full that people have to stand because of lack of seat.

For more convenience, their must be enough public transportation in the world so that it will not be very tough for passengers to be standing in the bus. While many other areas of the world are not filled with public transportation, people can not go to other place easily.

In Chicago, all people must possess their own car because there is no PT allowed. If their car is suddenly stop working, then they will be in trouble because they can not go to work or do their business whatever it is.