Driver’s Etiquette

Private and public vehicle drivers have to keep their etiquette for peace. Drivers of public transportation have to very careful because once they go reckless, passengers have the right to report them to the head operation and they can be suspended or fired depending on the gravity of recklessness.

Drivers must keep the safety of the passengers in nay case and any time. They must drive safely anytime and anywhere. They must check brakes often in order to keep the vehicle safe. When there is a problem of a vehicle, then they must solve it right away before it gets too late.

They must observe road signs on the road so that they will not violate one which some times cause accident or any other bad incident that will happen.  There is no reason for drivers not to follow the rules along the road.

They must keep distance from the following vehicles. Drivers must not brake suddenly because the passengers might bump with each other. Sometimes because of brakes, passengers are always nervous thinking that they are not safe. This is the reason why they must be very careful every time.

Check side mirror always. You never know that there is something that will happen but because you are not aware.

Another etiquette of these people is not to fool the passengers with fare. Fare is fare.

They must never harass the passengers in any way. There must be the reason why sometimes passengers are aloof to drivers because of the fear that they will be harassed.

They must ever text or call while driving because these will lead them to accident.