Rules in Public Transportation

When riding in a public transportation, you may do things that are rude or not allowed. To be organized and be at peace with everyone, you must follow these rules:

No smoking or drinking inside the vehicle. Smoking  is never allowed in a public area for the sake of other people. This means you have to be considerate of others.

The first go to the last so that the last seats at the first. This is the consideration that  we have to make.

In boarding and exit, it is a rule to let the passengers move out first before other passengers come in. It is very necessary to make it comfortable for passengers to freely pass by.

Priority Seat.If possible give in to the elderly. Usually, there is always a priority seat for elderly, pregnant and people with disability. However, even if these seats are already occupied, you have to give in seats for the others who need it.

There should be silence in the bus. Privacy is needed for all people because there are many people who dislike others who are noisy. Most likely, people should be quiet in any public transportation.

Women should shit properly, thigh and legs are closed especially when they are wearing skirts.

NO one is allowed to harass someone, either a man or woman. If these case happens, then they will have to be reported to the authority.

There is no fighting in transportation, so do not cause trouble with anyone because of some passengers. Even if you are pissed off by someone in front of you or behind you, you must control your temper.